Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The BIG Five - Five Books about Monrovia History

There are 5 major books that bring Monrovia history up to the Centennial in 1986. These books are the jumping off point for historical information. All are available from the Adult Reference Desk as well as the Heritage Room and all are for in Library use only.

Monrovia Centennial Review, 1886-1986 by Peter Ostrye, 1985. The book is indexed for chapters
1-11 only and the index is at best, incomplete.

Table of Contents
Author's Notes
The Times
The Place
The Founders
Chapter One. 1880s
Chapter Two. 1890s
Chapter Three. The Turn of the Century
Chapter Four. 1910-1919
Chapter Five.  1920s
Chapter Six.  1930s
Chapter Seven.  1940s
Chapter Eight.  1950s
Chapter Nine.  1960s
Chapter Ten.  1970s
Chapter Eleven.  1980s
Historical Trivia
Elected Officials and Staff
Fire Department
Heritage Homes
Points of Special Interest
Police Department
In Memoriam

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