Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Books and Afternoon Tea

The leading ladies of Monrovia wanted a library. With patience, determination and hard work, the Saturday Afternoon Club (later the Woman’s Club) held teas. The price of admission was a book. Lobbying the City Council to create a Library Board, they were able to encourage the City to budget for the rental of the Southeast room in the Granite Bank Building for $2.50 per month in 1895. Their initial collection of 150 books formed the nucleus for what is now the fourth public library. The Carnegie Library replaced the room in the Granite Bank and opened January 27, 1908. It was torn down and a new library opened January 6, 1957, serving Monrovia for 50 years. The soaring new library dominating Library Park today opened on May 16, 2009, housing approximately 125,000 volumes and adding up-to-date technology available for the public.

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