Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seeds of Big Business to Come

Monrovia is now home to many businesses, many of which are part of huge chain stores or are internationally known because of their unique product. But perhaps the most obscure bit of history is the Airdrome, named for its proximity north of the Monrovia Airport. Built by two brothers, it was an octagonal juice stand they cobbled together from scrap lumber and dreams. In addition to all the orange juice you could drink, they also served hot dogs, burgers, coffee and beer.

In 1940, with business booming and expansion on their minds, Richard and Maurice had the Airdrome dismantled and moved to San Bernardino, where they re-opened under the now ubiquitous name McDonald’s. If you go to the company’s website today, you won’t find any mention of Monrovia or the Airdrome, but Monrovia obviously gave the brothers their start to fame and fortune.

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