Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Utilities in Monrovia

From Monrovia-Duarte Community Book, edited by Charles F. Davis, 1957, pp. 36-40


Water was free from the Sawpit and adjacent canyons above Monrovia in the 1880s. Free water became an inducement to purchase lots in Monrovia.

February 22, 1888, Monrovia Water Department was formed, and the water, still free, was regulated to provide fair distribution to property owners.

July 19, 1888, Ordinance 21 fixed penalties for violating water regulations.

In April 1890, Monrovia voted to spend $400,000.00 for water distribution facilities.

December 8, 1894, William N. Monroe proposed (approved) meters on water lines to sell water.

In 1897, A.B. Chapman successfully developed artesian wells on acreage between Monrovia and Pasadena. He sold the water bearing 5-1/2 acres to Monrovia.

Lime Avenue Reservoir had been in use since 1894. The Ivy Avenue Reservoir was constructed in the late 1890s.

1917, the City bought 2 acres called the Monrovia San Gabriel Wells property (Peck Road @ Jeffries.

1928, the City acquired the Norumbaga Heights Water Company.

September 1955, Cloverleaf Canyon Reservoir bond approved.


Monrovia's first source of electricity came from the waterfall over Sawpit Falls.

May 1895, Monrovia Electric Company begins service with completion of a small hydro-electric plant in Sawpit Canyon.

1900, Monrovia Electric taken over by United Electric, Gas & Power Company.

1903, Edison Electric Company buys out United.

1905, The Peoples Gas Company begins service in March.

1906, Edison Electric buys out Peoples Gas.

1909, Southern California Edison Company takes over Edison Electric and Peoples Gas.
           (side note: Southern California Edison is electric provider as of today's date)
1909, Southern California Edison sells Peoples Gas to Piedmont Gas Company

1911, Piedmont Gas Company sold out to Southern Counties Gas Company

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