Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The BIG Five - Five Books about Monrovia History (Book 3)

Perhaps the most famous of the Big Five collection, the Wiley book has provided the basis for much of the information that made it into later tomes. The book itself has no index. There have been three separate indexes created specifically for this important resource, the last, completed in 2011, is most thoroughly comprehensive. An intrepid volunteer is currently getting the 2011 index all prettied up for access online for any researcher who might find Wiley's book useful.

Some of the stories are quite folksy in style and Wylie cites no sources.

History of Monrovia by John L. Wiley, 1927.

Table of Contents
The Indians of California
The Coming of the Spaniards
The Pioneer Settlement
Founding of the City
Incorporation of Monrovia, 1887
Chronicles from 1890 to 1900
First Decade of the New Century
From 1911 to the World War
Monrovia's Part in the World War
The City from 1917 to 1926
The Great Forest Fire of 1924
Religious, Civic and Social Activities
Monrovia's Water Quest
Monrovia's Destiny

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