Monday, October 10, 2011

The BIG Five - Five Books about Monrovia History (Book 5)

Charles F. Davis, editor extraordinaire, strikes again in 1943 with a new tome called The Monrovia Blue Book. This is a slim volume, with a one page index in the front right after the page title simply Contents. As with his other two books, Mr. Davis deigns to cite sources other than very generally. The book is a a bit of a re-hash of previous books, with the notable addition of biographies heretofore untold.

The BIG Five - Five Books about Monrovia History (Book 4)

Charles F. Davis apparently couldn't get enough of telling Monrovia's story. He edited a second book called the History of Monrovia and Duarte. Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Norman are listed as authors of Duarte History and this book was published in 1938.

The really nice surprise is the index - not at the back where you'd expect it, but in the front right after the Table of Contents. Though the index certainly is not exhaustive, having any clues to content is welcome.

History of Monrovia and Duarte

Table of Contents

Chapter I. - Discovery of California
Chapter II. - The Mission Fathers
Chapter III. - The Ranchos - Gold - Baldwin
Chapter IV. - A City Comes Into Being
Chapter V. - Monrovia Goes Up - And Down
Chapter VI. - Straws in the Wind - Monrovia Incorporates
Chapter VII. - When the Storm Broke
Chapter VIII. - The Grim Nineties
Chapter IX. - End of An Era
Chapter X. - Before the War
Chapter XI. - 1914 - The Storm Breaks
Chapter XII. - Monrovia Goes Into the War
Chapter XIII. - The Post-War Years
Chapter XIV. - Monrovia's Early-Day Homes
Chapter XV. - Modern Times
Chapter XVI. - The Men Who Ruled Monrovia
Chapter XVII. - Organizations of Monrovia
Notes - On History of Monrovia