Tuesday, November 1, 2011

League of Women Voters - Monrovia style

The Monrovia chapter of the League of Women Voters was 27th in California.

It was chartered  in the Fall of 1949 with Mrs. Hubert Ingram serving as President.

The first Board of Directors: Mrs. Ted Maag, Mrs. Kenneth Kentner, Mrs. W.A. Denny, Mrs. John Renaker, Mrs. Arthur Larkin, Mrs. Ervin Miller, Mrs. C. Ray Bass, Mrs. Erma Thompson, Mrs. Charles Crowel and Mrs. Francis Pollard.

By 1956 there were 52 California leagues, with membership for the Monrovia league drawing from Monrovia, Duarte and Arcadia. That same year, Arcadia split off to form their own league.

For more information, refer to the original article from the Monrovia News-Post, January 11, 1979. It is available on microfilm at the Library.