Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mayors in Monrovia

According to Peter C. Ostrye's book, Monrovia Centennial Review (page 115), Mayors were not elected, but appointed up until 1978. To no one's surprise, William N. Monroe received the honor of becoming the town's first Mayor in 1887.

1887-1888:  William N. Monroe
1888-1889:  Gen. William A. Pile
1889-1890:  C. O. Monroe
1890-1891:  J. F. Banning
1892:            E. F. Spence (died that year)
1892-1896:  C. O. Monroe
1896-1898:  U. Zimmerman
1898-1900:  Charles G. Rogers
1900-1904:  John H. Bartle
1904-1906:  W. A. Walker
1906-1908:  James B. Holloway
1908-1912:  W. B. Scarborough
1912-1914:  C. P. Dorland
1914-1916:  W. Mollenkopf
1916-1924:  Walter F. Dunn
1924-1926:  A. J. Everest
1926-1928:  J. P. Daniel
1928-1930:  A. J. Little
1930-1938:  George H. Williams
1938-1940:  R. A. Merchant
1940-1946:  George H. Williams
1946-1950:  Reuel R. Brown
1950-1952:  Lawrence R. McNamee
1952-1954:  Robert T. Radford
1954-1958:  Joseph H. Walker
1958-1964:  Rodger O. Ferguson
1964-1968:  Roy S. Kropke
1968-1970:  Harold J. J. Stueve
1970-1972:  Loren W. Green
1972-1974:  Richard L. Mountjoy
1974-1976:  Eric Faith
1976-1978:  Robert T. Bartlett
1978-1980:  Patricia Ostrye (first elected Mayor and first woman)
1980-1986:  Paul Stuart

Our wonderful City Clerk, Alice Atkins, supplied us with the rest of the list and we'll keep adding with each new election.

1988-2001:  Bob Bartlett
2001-2003:  Lara Larramendi Blakely
2003-2009:  Rob Hammond
2009-2015:  Mary Ann Lutz 
2015-        :  Tom Adams

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