Tuesday, October 29, 2013

House Hunting - Historically Speaking

People come into the library to research the history of their homes. Some are just curious. Others want to take advantage of the Mills Act. Almost all wish there was one giant book that tells them everything they need to know all in one place. Of course, it's not that easy.

The Library provides resources that make a good start down the research path. In addition to books, we have access to old newspapers and building permits on microfiche. Some of the books consist of labors of love produced by the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group (MOHPG), with pictures of noteworthy houses and a little background information. Some are histories of Monrovia, which might mention a property or person connected to a property. And of course, there are the City Directories and Telephone books which often yield a clue or two. Here is the resource guide to help you with your search:

Fortunately, preservation aficionados are researching homes only for the pleasure of  knowing more about the rich architectural history of the town. One site in particular is a goldmine of information about the early settlers of Monrovia and many of the more architecturally significant or just plain interesting houses in the area. The website is called Early Monrovia Structures Research (the link is to the right).

Good luck.