Saturday, December 20, 2014


The Library Heritage Room has some interesting artifacts that aren't books. Samson the Bear (stuffed) happily resides on a shelf. There's an antique book press that was used when the Library did some of its own book mending. Looking across from the book press is another artifact of interest. It's a small statuette of a kneeling Mayan. This statuette, encased in glass, was presented to Mayor Lara Blakely in 2002 by the Mayor of Guadalajara. Monrovia and Guadalajara had just become sister cities.

The artwork is a partial scene from the Tablet of the Slaves. In the complete work, King K’inich Ahkal Mo’Naab is shown in the center sitting on the backs of two slaves. He faces his father who presents him the royal headdress (our portion), while his mother presents a personified flint and shield, emblems of warfare. From Palenque, Chiapas, Maya culture, classic period: 300-650 A.D.

For  a drawing of the complete wall relief, click on this link:

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