Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Henry Ford: Connoisseur of Monrovia's Groceries and Monrovia Bakery

Henry Ford was once a frequent visitor to the San Gabriel Valley. His wife's sister and brother-in-law resided in Altadena, and he spent a great deal of time in Pasadena and the surrounding area as he particularly enjoyed the natural beauty of the region. But did you know that he also made regular visits to Monrovia? Ford found the quality of Monrovia's groceries and baked goods to be superior to those offered in Pasadena, and the prices were fair. He was said to have motored daily from Pasadena to Monrovia to shop at Slick's Grocerteria and the Monrovia Bakery. In 1919 he even paid a surprise visit to Nelson and Mosher, the local Ford dealership, whose historic sign was recently uncovered in a business on Foothill Boulevard. He offered a personal demonstration of the operation of the Fordson tractor, and then returned to Pasadena in one of his very own automobiles.
Source: John L. Wiley, History of Monrovia (Pasadena: Press of Pasadena Star-News, 1927), p. 185.