Friday, August 7, 2015


This is a quick random facts about Monrovia section. The question: DID YOU KNOW?

1.  Monrovia had its own marching band, started in 1889 by avid musician Albert E. Cronenwett. Mr. C. owned a jewelry store and optician shop and played the cornet. The band was affectionately known as Cronie's Band.

2.  Continuing in the musical vein, Monrovia had not one, but two orchestras. Both were formed in 1906. The Apollo Club started one of the orchestras and the other was called the Aeolian Orchestra.

3.  Monrovia had its own airport, originally called the Foothill Flying Club before being named Monrovia Airport. It operated from 1928 - 1953.

4.  Two brothers started a juice stand near the airport and called it the Airdrome. By 1940, they moved their operation to San Bernardino under the now ubiquitous name, McDonald's.

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