Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monrovia - Incorporated 4th in Los Angeles County

You may have heard it from time to time: Monrovia is the fourth oldest city in Los Angeles County. Well - yes and no. It certainly and definitively was the 4th city to be incorporated in the County, after Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. But it was not the fourth city founded in the County. A cursory noodling around yielded many cities that were around before Monrovia was a gleam in William Monroe's eye.

Los Angeles:  1781
Baldwin Park, formerly known as Vineland:  1860
Compton:  1869

Then the County woke up and got busy. 1874 was a very popular year with the founding of Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Alhambra, followed in 1875 by Pomona and 1878 by South Pasadena. Covina was founded in 1882, with La Puente hard on its heels in 1884.

By 1886, when Monrovia was founded, a veritable landslide of towns popped up and by the time Monrovia incorporated in 1887, the County was well on its way to the full complement of 88 cities we have today.

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