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Canyon Park Timeline 1932 - 1997

1932:  A Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) camp was established at the mouth of the canyon. This Federal program employed men victimized by the Depression. The U.S. Forest Service extended the fire road from White Saddle to join a network of fire roads around Monrovia Peak. Most of the labor was done by the C.C.C.
1938:  On March 1 through 3, Monrovia experienced severe flooding as a result of a major storm. Flooding affected much of the Southland and cities as far way as Anaheim were also flooded. Southern California had 113 deaths as a result of the storm. Monrovia received over 21 inches of rain in February and March alone. (Average annual rainfall is 19.5 inches)
1940:  Albert Cooke replaced Malcolm Packer as park guard until 1966.
1948:  Ben Overturff is forced to leave Deer Park due to ill health and because the county wanted to discourage public use of the area.
1950:  The debris basin was dug. Cabins had existed there.
1953:  A rental cabin was constructed across from Emerson's Flat.
1953:  December - a large wildfire burned in the San Gabriel Mountains. Fireman's Flat was used as base for hundreds of firefighters.
1958:  The original Nature Center was opened at Mal Packer Mesa.
1964:  Check dams were built in Monrovia and Sawpit Canyons, as well as many other canyons of the San Gabriel Mountains, in order to reduce the velocity of water in the event of flood conditions.
1969:  In the month of January, almost 26 inches of rain fell in Monrovia. All three bridges in the park were washed out. The park was closed for 18 months during reconstruction.
1972:  Tallman H. Trask Boy Scout Camp was dedicated and has remained an actively used outdoor experience for scout troops. The camp is located one mile above the dam in Sawpit Canyon. The camp is named for an executive of the San Gabriel Valley Council (1919-1955).
1973:  An overnight cabin at Emerson's Flat was built.
1979:  A parking fee was initiated for Canyon Park.
1996:  Work began with facility improvements from Proposition A funds from the government.
1997:  In December, the new Nature Center, cabins and restrooms are completed.
1997:  December 13 - Monrovia Canyon Park's grand re-opening.

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  1. What is is the date of dedication for fireman's flat? I've been trying to research but cannot find an exact date of the dedication.